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SequelCare of Maine was founded in 2010 and has proudly served the families of the State of Maine ever since. We take pride in the work that we do with children, adults, and families throughout the state. There is an old adage: “There’s no place like home.” This rings especially true to the families that we serve. At SequelCare of Maine, we listen and understand the concerns our families are facing and are here to help.

We are confident that our clients and families turn to SequelCare of Maine because of our heartfelt commitment to providing outstanding care with compassion, excellence, and dependability. We are proud of our reputation for providing the highest standard of care to ensure that our families not merely exist in their home and community, but thrive!

SequelCare of Maine is made up of two divisions, Home Health and Behavioral Health. Within our two divisions, we offer varied services to children, adults, and families living with mental health, substance use and medical needs. To learn more about the services provided throughout Maine, visit our Programs Page.

Our mission is not only to utilize existing resources available to individuals, families and the surrounding community but also to create new skills and abilities in order to foster a healthy environment which supports natural growth and provides direction for the future.

You probably have numerous questions about your families evolving and unique situation. We are here to answer those questions, listen to your needs, and to assist you as you make the decisions that will help keep your loved one at home.

To quote Trent Shelton, “It takes all kinds to make the world go round.” At SequelCare of Maine we employ people from all over state with a variety of backgrounds and experiences. SequelCare takes pride in hiring the most caring, compassionate, educated staff to work with our clients. We look for staff who are driven, hard-working, ethical and truly want to make other people’s lives better.

Our culture is one that strives for inclusion, support and growth. We want our staff to feel valued and really understand that what they do is meaningful. Everyday our staff come to work and make a difference in those around them. In our most recent staff survey, 95% of our employees agreed that the organization’s work positively impacts peoples lives. It goes to show that our wonderful staff know how hard they are working and it shows on every single person here.

As an organization we understand that the work of community-based staff is difficult. We want each staff to know that if as the agency grows, we want them to grow with us. The agency promotes staff internally whenever possible and provides step-up training to those that are interested in growing. Read through many of our staff’s information and you’ll hear a familiar story. The staff started out working in direct care, or as an assistant and through consistency, hard-work, and dedication, they earned their promotions and helped grow new programs in new areas. Come meet our staff.

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